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October 10th-13th
Exciting News!
  • Thu
    Updated versions of the starts lists have been posted.  You can find the updated start lists here.  Only those who have requested changes or have been contac...
  • Tue
    Start lists for the Open and Competition Classes have just been published. You can find the start list in alphabetical order here. You can also find the start ...
  • Sat
    We wanted to remind everyone that the final registration deadline for all open, age class, and elite North American Championship races is midnight on Sunday the 21st n...
  • Mon
    We have extended our refund policy until Sept. 20th.  Up until Sept. 20th you can get a full refund minus an administration fee.  That administration fee is ...

Oct 10-13

Over 600 orienteers came and
and made it a huge success!

Final Details

Bulletin #3

Join us next September for

O-Fest 2015

Spring Training Weekend Invitation

Take Control 

Bulletin #1



Dave McMahon of xc-zone.tv has been making a series of micro-commercials for us. You can find those here. Thanks Dave!

Gym Orienteering at NAOC2014 Event Centre

Photos by: Jennie Anderson
Date: Feb 22nd, 2014
Full gallery in Google+
Orienteering Ottawa visited the Nick Smith Centre on Saturday Feb 22nd for a fun day of gym orienteering with Arnprior residents.  While those from Arnprior experienced orienteering for the first time, many experienced club members struggled through a challenging tournament with lots of mistakes and mispunches.


Intro to Orienteering: Arnprior After School Program

Photos by: Jennie Anderson
Date: Nov. 19th, 2013
Full gallery in Google+
Orienteering Ottawa members visited four Arnprior area schools as part of the Arnprior after school program in anticipation of NAOC2014 and the Kids Running Free program to be run in Arnprior in the spring. The students loved it!

Arnprior - More Sprint and Relay Terrain

Photos by: Stefan Bergstrom
Date: Nov. 16th, 2013
Full gallery in Picasa
Our course coordinator and sprint and relay course setter Stefan Bergstrom and Randy Kemp visited Arnprior to explore the terrain and see what cool features they could find. There's some fun stuff in there.

Arnprior - Sprint and Relay Terrain

Photos by: Stefan Bergstrom
Date: Sept. 8th, 2013
Full gallery in Picasa
Course coordinator Stefan Bergstrom visited Arnprior on Sept. 8th to check out where we might be able to take the sprint and relay courses next October. Check out the below.