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October 10th-13th
Exciting News!
  • Thu
    Updated versions of the starts lists have been posted.  You can find the updated start lists here.  Only those who have requested changes or have been contac...
  • Tue
    Start lists for the Open and Competition Classes have just been published. You can find the start list in alphabetical order here. You can also find the start ...
  • Sat
    We wanted to remind everyone that the final registration deadline for all open, age class, and elite North American Championship races is midnight on Sunday the 21st n...
  • Mon
    We have extended our refund policy until Sept. 20th.  Up until Sept. 20th you can get a full refund minus an administration fee.  That administration fee is ...

Oct 10-13

Over 600 orienteers came and
and made it a huge success!

Final Details

Bulletin #3

Join us next September for

O-Fest 2015

Spring Training Weekend Invitation

Take Control 

Bulletin #1


O-Fest 2015

We hope you enjoyed the NAOC2014 festival.  We would like to invite you back to the Ottawa area next September for O-Fest 2015.  The atmosphere will be a little smaller and the event will be a little more personal but we promise you just as much fun and that the orienteering will be just as good.  

We expect to have a full website online in early 2015.  In the mean time here are the details you need to know to put the event on  your calendar.


O-Fest 2015 will take place the weekend of  September 26th - 27th, 2015.


We are tentatively planning to use the longtime Orienteering Ottawa favourite Cité des Jeunes map in Gatineau Park.  The map would be entirely remapped use LiDAR base material for an extra accurate map and amazing experience (see sample below). We are awaiting confirmation of availability from a mapper for this work. If this falls through we have several back-up areas we could use. 


We will be returning to the successful 2 day chasing start format that we tried in 2015 with the following schedule:

Saturday: Ultra technical middle distance
Prologue: WRE status pending
Saturday afternoon / evening: Bonus Event!
In case orienteering in stunning terrain on world class maps twice in one weekend isn't enough. Format to be announced.
Sunday: Classic long distance orienteering
Chasing start: the start list for this race is based on the results of Saturday's middle distance prologue with the Saturday's winners starting first - can you catch the prologue leaders?